Album Reviews

Before you go and download that next full album, you might want to consider just a few select songs.  Read our album reviews, and then weigh in on the opinion with the comments below.

I try not to exclude any genres of music as I love them all.

Top 5: Old School Punk Rock Albums

Set the way-back machine to 1977, dear readers. We're going to take you back to a time when punk rock was still dangerous, not the soundtrack to the pleasant childhoods of a bunch of white-belted twelve-year-old kids loitering outside your local Hot Topic. Music...

Album Review: Ruben Studdard – “Letters From Birmingham”

American Idol has long since lost any credibility as a star-making machine, but way back in 2003, hearts were on fire for Ruben Studdard. The very fact that he's been able to sustain a marginal career while people like Taylor Hicks and Kris Allen are all but...

Top 5: Classic Blues Albums

While we here at Music Forte love modern music, sometimes we'd rather cue up some tunes written and recorded long before we were born. With few exceptions, all modern music, from Odd Future to The Black Keys, can be traced in a straight line back to the...

Album Review – Madonna

Reviewing a new Madonna album is a difficult task. It's not only a matter of deconstructing the merits of a particular set of songs, but also a review of the woman herself. In her 53 years on this planet, she's been a lot of things: a chubby boy-toy, a...

Album Review – OFWGKTA

As much as he pleads to the contrary, Tyler The Creator is Odd Future. The latest (Internet only) OFWGKTA release tries really hard to de-emphasize that essential truth and, to a large extent, it succeeds. "OF Tape Volume 2" is the best collective statement the group...

“If you want to write a negative review, don’t tickle me gently with your aesthetic displeasure about my work. Unleash the goddamn Kraken.” ― Scott Lynch

“I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“Authors, reviews are not for you. They are not for you. Authors, reviews are not for you.” ― Stacia Kane

“[P]ersonally, I know I’d prefer to read an honest review by someone who has no reason to lie, than a book reviewer who has an employer and a publishing house to keep happy.” ― Catherine Ryan Howard