Album Reviews

Before you go and download that next full album, you might want to consider just a few select songs.  Read our album reviews, and then weigh in on the opinion with the comments below.

I try not to exclude any genres of music as I love them all.

Album Review – Fun. “Some Nights”

One thing is for certain: people are talking about Fun. The New York pop group are making unexpected waves in all corners of the world. Not all of it is positive, however. A recent review of their new album referred to the group as "edgy radio Disney." While...

Album Review – Frankie Rose “Interstellar”

Frankie Rose, the raven-haired, restless Brooklyn beauty, is finally on her own. The veteran of a veritable checklist of hippest-of-the-hip Pitchfork bands like Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts, she's joined and left five bands in five years, not the...

Motörhead’s Lemmy: Don’t Buy “Early Years” Box Set

Lemmy Kilmister, lead singer, bassist and all-around driving force behind speed metal juggernaut Motorhead, is making headlines this week as the latest musician to urge fans not to buy an overpriced box set of his band's material. "Motörhead, the hardest...

Album Review: Mark Lanegan – “Blues Funeral”

On his seventh solo release, former Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan retreats even further into his whiskey addled death trip, making "Blues Funeral" his most haunting, and also his most off-putting album yet. "Muddy water be my grave / You are the...

Album Review – Goldfrapp “The Singles”

"The Singles" is essentially a career overview for genre-smashing trip-hop pioneers Goldfrapp.  It features tracks from all five of their albums plus two brand new songs written especially for this compilation.  "The Singles" is an...

“If you want to write a negative review, don’t tickle me gently with your aesthetic displeasure about my work. Unleash the goddamn Kraken.” ― Scott Lynch

“I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“Authors, reviews are not for you. They are not for you. Authors, reviews are not for you.” ― Stacia Kane

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