Album Reviews

Before you go and download that next full album, you might want to consider just a few select songs.  Read our album reviews, and then weigh in on the opinion with the comments below.

I try not to exclude any genres of music as I love them all.

Album Review – Guided by Voices “Let’s Go Eat the Factory”

When news began to spread that cult indie lo-fi heroes Guided by Voices intended to reunite their classic lineup for the 21st anniversary of Matador records, indie rock fans across the globe were fluttering with anticipation, and more than a little trepidation. Band...

Album Review – The Cure “Bestival Live 2011”

The 2011 Bestival had a pretty impressive lineup. Fans flocked to the annual gathering on the Isle of Wight to watch such musical luminaries as Pendulum, Björk, Primal Scream, Brian Wilson, P J Harvey, Los Campesinos!, Fatboy Slim, Public Enemy, Big Audio...

Album Review – T-Pain “rEVOLVEr”

Ever since noted hip-hop taste maker Jay-Z declared the trend dead and buried on "Blueprint 3" lead-off single "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)" back in 2009, musicians have been a little more self-conscious about using the much-maligned pitch...

Album Review – The Roots “Undun”

The Roots, particularly their visionary drummer/producer/mastermind Questlove, have been in the news a lot recently. Despite all the "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" controversy, the Philadelphia collective are a lot more than a late-night television house...

“If you want to write a negative review, don’t tickle me gently with your aesthetic displeasure about my work. Unleash the goddamn Kraken.” ― Scott Lynch

“I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“Authors, reviews are not for you. They are not for you. Authors, reviews are not for you.” ― Stacia Kane

“[P]ersonally, I know I’d prefer to read an honest review by someone who has no reason to lie, than a book reviewer who has an employer and a publishing house to keep happy.” ― Catherine Ryan Howard