I have to admit, I like Aguilera's sense of fashion.  Auto tuning is the plastic surgery of music.  It makes 'bad' notes 'good' by bending or altering the pitch to where it is meant to be.  It's used often in the recording studio.  Let's face it, the make-up and polish that goes behind promoting can carry an artist with a lack of ear-training skills quite a ways.

Even in live performances, technology can straighten out that bad note spontaneously.  Hopefully, technology won't overstep the expectations and boundaries of true talent.  There is plenty out there, and the money doesn't need to be wasted on someone who can't truly deliver.

Right on Christina!

In other Aguilera news and gossip, it's been said that she will be a guest judge on the next season of American Idol, which could also indicated a live performance on the show.