You might think that in order to stand out as a cover band, you would need to be unique.  You know… play some of your own flavor into a song, change up the tempo, make up some cool original riffs, jam out your own guitar solo, or just do something to brand it as your own.

That's not always the case though.  'Classic Albums Live' has found a way to exist as a successful cover band by doing just the opposite, and abandoning all forms of originality.

Don't expect to bored by them, though.  We're talking about musicians who are extreme masters of their musical instruments, and well-versed in music theory.

Imagine listening to the L.A. Woman album in it's entirety, exactly as The Doors played it.  We're not just talking about note-for-note transcriptions on a few instruments.  Every nuance of every note played by every instrument that was used, is studied so that this band is able to recreate the music exactly as it was recorded many years ago.

Obviously, reproducing such music would require a lot of ear-training. You can't just go out and buy the full transcriptions, as these guys play it.   'Classic Albums Live' takes the music they play serious by tediously writing out the exact replications of the music.  The sheet music that they use for their finished product is more similar to an orchestrated score. 

If you're ready to be taken back in time, and enjoy The Doors, tickets will cost you $48.

You can order by phone or online:

Phone 888.920.ARTS(2787)

The show is March 22, at Colorado's Beaver Creek Resort.  Don't wait.  If you do happen to miss this one, it won't be your last chance.  This group has performed Pink Floyd’s, “Dark Side of the Moon", The Eagles’ “Hotel California”, and Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”  and many more.  They travel all over, so there is sure to be more opportunities to hear them play.  Music Forte is interested to hear what they'll do next.