Nice one, Chris.  It's interesting looking back to 2008 when you were the winner Nickelodian's, Kid's Choice Award's "Favorite Male Singer." I'm sure you figured out that being a role model was much too difficult.  Just check out those shades, the scruff and died hair.  And who can forget your tweet after winning a grammy.  You told the world to F**k off.  I guess you had received some flack for beating your girlfriend, and you wanted to tell all the nay-sayers that you could still be on top.  Well you proved us all wrong.  You da man!  You are one true bad ass.  Where is the award for that?

Wait… Oh! I almost missed the coolest new addition to your bad ass look.  Someone has some new ink on their neck!

Look at the eyebrows on that beautiful beaten woman.  Sure looks like Rhianna.  But even if it's not, that's a great statement to scar on your neck.  Maybe I'm reading into it all wrong. Maybe you're not trying to immortalize the moment in which you severely beat Rhianna and put her into a head-lock until near unconsciousness.   Perhaps it's your way of punishing yourself for that event. Let's face it.  It is a pretty ridiculous looking tattoo.  Hmmm…. I'm not a psychologist, but I have another idea.  Maybe deep down, you have so much regret, that you chickened out on redemption.  You chose the dark side because it was easier.  And anything you can do to strengthen your dark side is power in it's own right.  Do me a favor and rob a bank next.  I would love to see you locked up for a long time.  God knows I'll never listen to your overly-commercialized R&B crap.  Don't get me wrong.  I love R&B.  Just not yours.

What we can anyone really say? You get enough verbal abuse as it is.  It's too bad you're thriving on that.  One of these days, you'll self-destruct on yourself, and while there will be many who say "it's too bad he couldn't see the light."  There will be many more who close the book and say "Amen.  That's been coming his way for a long time."