After last month's unveiling of this year's Bonnaroo headliners, few people thought it could get much better. This morning, festival organizers added a few exciting names to the lineup. Santigold, Puscifer, Fun, Temper Trap and The Cave Singers will join an already impressive lineup that includes Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead and jam-band Phish.

The addition of Fun comes as no surprise. Hot off the heels of the Billboard #1 "We Are Young", the band is gaining accolades worldwide with their second album, "Some Nights."

Perhaps the most exciting addition of all, Danzig Legacy was also confirmed for the Tennessee festival. Danzig legacy is a distillation of the three influential bands that namesake Glenn Danzig has been a part of: The Misfits, Samhain and Danzig. The band plays hits from each group, reportedly leaning pretty heavily on the early punk-rock of The Misfits, rather than the fake-satanist silliness of Samhain and Danzig. Case in point: the quote below is the official announcement of Danzig's last record.

"It is a sinister time in the tired life of one world ending, and it unmistakably a time for the destructive and redemptive powers of the next century's man in black," the posting reads.  "Heed the warning: Danzig 6:66 Satan's Child is only the scabbard tip of what we can expect from Danzig throughout the birthing of a new rebel century. It is however, Danzig's soul crusher of a calling card, his coal-fired ebony heart made metal, the siren song soundtrack of two age in collision. Confront it now and feel your lifeblood drain and subsequently replenish truer than ever."

Doesn't that sound fun?