The former CFO of Seattle rock band Pearl Jam's management company has been charged with stealing at least $380,000 over several years.

According to court documents, Rickey Goodrich was charged with 33 separate counts of theft. The embezzlement is alleged to have occured over several years. Goodrich allegedly used funds earmarked for Pearl Jam tours on family vacations, spa treatments and wine, in addition to funneling money into his own businesses. 

"He was responsible for, and had complete authority over all financial matters related to Pearl Jam's touring operations, which included establishing budgets, approving court settlement statements with promoters, distributing 'road cash' to band and crew members and approving and paying for tour expenses," court documents say.

Goodrich was removed as tour accountant in August of 2009, due to "a series of late and incomplete accounting," according to the documents. He was briefly used as a substitute for his replacement in May 2010, though that brief return resulted in a disputed payment of $15,000 in "road cash" which apparently never made its way to the band members. 

If convicted, Goodrich faces up to 5 years in prison. 

Members of Pearl Jam have yet to comment on the story.