Getting this storefront ready has been crazy.  Just when I think I have every expense planned out, I remember the bathroom sign, the toilet cleaner, more slat wall racks and shelves, decals and labels, a speaker system, inventory software, lesson schedules… it seems like it never ends.  And while I'm optimistic, I have a realist side that is taunting me, constantly reminding me that I've never taken on a venture of this magnitude.  But I will give more credit to what the heart holds than what the brain knows.

Just to let all of our website members who have gone through a crazy roller coaster ride with us in the past, we understand what you've been through.  We've had so many highs and then lows and then highs that nobody knows what to expect anymore.  That's why I want to say that the deal that is in place for opening up this retail storefront IS tied in with our website development at  Just as we'll be developing a stellar storefront, we are going to address several website issues, so that both the website and storefront meet the highest of expectations.

We can't wait to offer more on both areas of business (website and physical retail location.)  There is a lot of development taking place, and our blog here at musicfortenews is one of the central places where we'll keep you informed of it.

If you're wondering when the Grand Opening will be.  We're gauging about 3 weeks from now.

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