I have a few casino shows coming up. I’ll be honest, I used to LOVE blackjack. I still do – I just don’t play anymore. But when I did, I was pretty fanatic about it. I drilled into the game to find a system that turned the odds around. The fact is, if you just play by the book (which you should do,) you can’t win. You have to play by the book AND place your bets correctly. But most importantly you need to quit if you’re playing a bad shoe, and you need to quit when you’re ahead.

Determining a Bad Shoe

A simple rule of thumb is if the house wins three times in a row and you are playing by the book, you’ve got a bad shoe. When I say “playing by the book” it simply means knowing when to hit, when to stay, when to double, when to split. It’s easy to learn, but people get nervous and make bad decisions. The book is designed to give you the best chance of winning. Getting nervous and straying from the better odds, generally doesn’t help.

I know it may be hard to hit on a 16 when the dealer is showing a 7 (especially if you’re riding a large bet.) But it is the right thing to do. Play by the book! If you lose the hand, double your last bet. If you lose again, double that last bet, but don’t lose more than 3 times in a row. If you lose again, find another table or stop.

Winning Big

I’ll never forget the night I won $12,000 at blackjack. This was many years ago, and there were spectators all around me, amazed at the way I seemed to be turning the odds around. The truth is, I had an incredible amount of luck on my side that night. Not only did I play by my system, but anyone would have thought I was an expert card counter. Every time scaled back and bet the minimum, the house won. And every time I bet big, I won. I did not lose one hand that was above the minimum bet in a course of about 2 hours.

I remember the dealer became nervous. It could have been for many reasons. The eye in the sky is always watching. I wondered if the casino thugs would pull me into the backroom. The dealer asked timidly asked me with a nervous laughter, “What are you doing?” And before the infamous words of Charlie Sheen ever occurred, I simply replied, “I’m winning.”

That is how I used to win at the casino. I did totally quit playing. Despite my confidence at the game, I can’t take financial risks these days (years, I should say.)

It’s meant to be a game. And I don’t have the money for that kind of “fun.”

With all that said, that leaves me with the title of this post, “Guaranteed To Leave The Casino With Money.”

I’m looking forward to entertaining at the casino this month and next. I have not performed at a casino before, so this will be a first for me. I won’t be gambling, so if you really want to know how to leave the casino with guaranteed money in your pocket, the answer is simple… Get a job at one!

I hope it goes well.