Playing the Intro of Only The Good Die Young, might sound a lot harder than it really is.  But if you break it down, it’s a piece of cake!

To play this song you should know four triad chords:

F Major – F, A, C
G Major – G, B, D
A Minor – A, C, E
C Major – C, E, G

Let’s Get Started!

With just those four chords, you can play through the intro like a pro.  However, you also need to be familiar with inversions.  That simply means taking the same notes, but playing them in a different order.
Let’s look at F Major, as an example.  As written above, the chord is in root position.  If we start with the A (the first note above F in this chord) you would have the first inversion (A, C, F.)  See how that works?  All I did was put the bottom note on top.

If we start with C (the second note above F in this chord) you would have the second inversion (C, F, A.)

If that’s confusing, practice these inversions until you can play them quickly without thinking too much.  Before you know it, these inversions will be automatic.

In the right hand, we will always use 3 notes.  In the left hand, we will use 2 notes.  The 2 notes we use in the left hand will be the same as the bottom and top note in the right hand.

So basically you are almost playing the exact same thing an octave apart with both hands.

That should get you started.  If you are confused, watch the video, and play along until you can do it at regular speed.

Have any questions, or piano tutorial requests, let me know!  I will make a video and description, just like this one!