A question often asked in music-nerd circles was answered April 1st in Nashville, Tennessee. Can Jack White get any cooler? The answer, of course, is a resounding "absolutely."

White's Third Man Records, a label known for doing heretofore never-thought-of things with vinyl records, has released 1000 big blue helium balloons with a flexidisc of Jack White's newest single "Freedom at 21" attached. According to Third Man, this will be the exclusive distribution model for the record.

While one is tempted to see this as another April Fools Day joke, it really did happen. From the Press Release:

"Envisioned as an experiment exploring non-traditional forms of record distribution and a way to get records in the hands of people who don’t visit record shops, the label was sure to use biodegradable latex balloons and all-natural twine in the process."

A lot of Jack White's rarer records end up fetching small fortunes on eBay, and this disc will surely be no exception. Third Man estimates that only 10% of the records will ever be found.

"Accompanying the balloons were custom postcards with instructions for the finders to submit photos, discovery location and the date on which the record was found, all of which will be incorporated into a website where fans can access the information at ; the press release continues.

Obsessive White Stripes fans were reminded of the "Furniture" record, a mythical release from White's upholstery days that no one has yet found.

"Brian and I had a band called The Upholsterers [and] for the 25th anniversary of his shop, we made a hundred pieces of vinyl," he told NPR a few years ago.

"We made a record we stuffed into furniture that you could only get if you ripped the furniture open. We even made it on clear vinyl with transparency covers — we thought you couldn't even X-ray it to see if it was in there. I'm talking about — really, you could rip open a couch and think it's not there 'cause it's inside the foam — sliced inside the foam and slid in there. I mean, we really went to great lengths to make sure possibly no one would ever hear our record! But it's there. It's so great. It's there. There's a hundred pieces of furniture out there that have those records, and maybe one day someone will find them."