A near-riot erupted outside Radio City Music Hall last night after a concert by Jack White ended prematurely.

White abruptly ended the performance and walked off the stage after only 45 minutes, inciting the audience-wide chant "Fuck Jack White." The former White Stripes leader is notorious for his marathon concerts, which sometimes go on for 3 hours or more. 


While no official reason has been given for the walkout, one anonymous security officer at the event blamed the acoustics of the room.

"He wasn’t happy with the sound," said the source. "I don’t know why he pulled that." 

Other attendees pointed to a prolonged argument with a shirtless concertgoer in the front row, which ended after White instructed security to remove the man. Rosie Gray of Buzzfeed.com, who was in attendance, implied that White was unhappy with the purported laid-back demeanor of the crowd:

Many fans reportedly waited inside the venue for more than an hour before giving up hope that White would return. Upwards of 100 people then walked outside to the backstage door where the situation became tense. Many disgruntled concertgoers reportedly banged on parked cars and became incredulous when a pizza deliveryman was ushered inside the backstage entrance. 

White is touring in support of his critically-acclaimed debut solo album, Blunderbuss. While fans are no doubt disappointed with this particular performance, live reviews for the tour are generating world-wide accolades. White is famously employing the services of two separate backing bands: one all-male and the other all-female. The aborted show was the first of two Radio City appearances on the tour. White is due to return to the venue tonight.

More on this story as it develops.