Noted financial wizard and global rap superstar Jay-Z is set to star in the first televised episode of "Secret Millionaires Club", an animated program conceived by and also starring billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

Yes, you read that right. According to the press release:

"In the premiere special, “Be Cool to Your School,” Buffett gives financial advice to a group of kids attempting to raise money for their school and a trip to New York City. Buffett’s practical financial advice guides the teens as they form a Secret Millionaires Club to help others. Guest-starring in the episode is entertainment mogul and business entrepreneur, Jay-Z."

The show, which has been running online since 2010, makes its television debut Sunday, October 23rd, on cable channel "The Hub". The press release continues:

"Secret Millionaires Club was created in partnership with and voiced by [Warren] Buffett, one of the most successful investors in the world. The specials feature Buffett as an advisor to a group of entrepreneurial kids who learn through a series of adventures the basic principles about business, and discover that the most valuable investment they can make is an investment in themselves."

Jay-Z's current image, while not exactly family-friendly, is a far cry from the Bronx-born hustler persona he cultivated as a younger man. He also has baby on the way. Is the "99 Problems" Jay-Z we all know and love making room for a kinder, gentler superstar? Is Jay-Z the new Eddie Murphy? It depends.

Jay-Z is an icon unlike any the rap world has ever seen. News of his impending fatherhood has been given the kind of attention usually reserved for royalty. His wife, former Destiny's Child singer Beyonce Knowles, has been a respectable woman for her entire career. Her choice of husband is pretty much the only eyebrow-raiser in a career full of hits and beauty product endorsements. Any dad will tell you that fatherhood changes everything, and Jay-Z is certainly not the first rapper to flirt with mainstream acceptability. Ice Cube stars in family friendly blockbusters like "Are We There Yet?" and its sequel "Are We Done Yet?", Ice-T has been playing a cop on "Law and Order" for many more years than he was a functioning criminal in real life.

Is this the first stop on the road to a truly respectable Jay-Z? It could be, but like everything Jay-Z, the old rules won't apply to him. The "Hard Knock Life" rapper will redefine what constitutes respectability and we will all try to follow in his footsteps.