The most hotly anticipated release to date from R&B singer Beyonce Knowles and her husband, rap superstar Jay-Z, is already beginning the climb to the top of the charts. Barely hours after her birth, their first child together, Blue Ivy Carter, has been officially credited as a guest on the newly-recorded Jay-Z track "Glory". According to Billboard, the song is set to debut at #74 this week, making the newborn the youngest person with a Billboard charting single in history.

The hype surrounding the birth of Blue Ivy shows no signs of letting up. Stories of insanely extravagant baby gifts, hospital security misdeeds and other assorted dramatic news items have been trickling in. Some of the coverage is doting, but there is certainly an unhinged element alongside it. Case in point: A church in North Carolina was defaced almost immediately following the birth. The sign in front of the Beulah Hill Baptist Church in West End, North Carolina was altered to read "Beyonce had her baby. Satan is on Earth." The message was soon returned to normal. Blogs worldwide reported on the name that Jay-Z and Knowles chose for their child, with some commentators positing the theory that Blue Ivy is actually an acronym for "Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati's Very Youngest".

According to the New York Post, Blue Ivy will come home to the most luxurious newborn nursery the world has ever seen, which will include a  "solid-gold, handmade horse from Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka that Jay-Z bought for $600,000."

Lenox Hill, the hospital where Blue Ivy was born, has come under fire in recent days. According to Executive Director Frank Danza, the hospital has launched an investigation into allegations that Jay-Z's security team prevented other parents from seeing their newborn children, an allegation corroborated by several parents who were apparently denied access to children being treated in the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“The internal investigation was prompted by my own viewing of the news stories, which had indicated there were more parents, and those parents were in communication and had concerns,” Danza said.

Danza went on to deny an allegation that the couple had paid the hospital $1.3 million in order to secure an entire floor of the hospital for their own private use. He insisted that the pair merely rented a few of their newly-completed executive suites at a cost of $800 per night. He also denied that Jay-Z was financially responsible for the recently completed renovations, assuring reporters that the new parents were just lucky to have been able to book the rooms.

“The stars really did align for them,” Danza said.