We all knew former SNL partner, Tina Fey, had an uncanny take on Sarah Palin, but there was a lesser known impersonation that had been hiding behind the cameras.  Recently, Jimmy Fallon, who now hosts his own late night talk show, gave the audience a surprise impersonation of Jim Morrison.  While the looks may not have been as identical to what we've seen with Tina and Sarah, his overall performance was spot on.  He must have really enjoyed himself, because you'd think that such a performance would require more than a typical rehearsal.  Check out his stance, and rock and roll moves, and most of all listen to the refined nuances in his singing voice that allowed him to recreate Jim Morrison.

On a side note, Jimmy had also done an impersonation of David Bowie on a previous show.  It was funny, but lacked the intensity of this particular performance.  Have a look for yourself!