One of the great things about following independent music is celebrating the success of the artists who reach incredible goals on a more personal level. There is that possibility that you attended one of their first shows, or bought their album before they were signed. You may have even dropped a comment on their page to let them know how much you’ve enjoyed their music.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere… just before you are about to retire for the night, you turn on the late show, and there they are, rocking on stage in front of a massive audience and stage full of lights and cameras!

Julie Gribble is one of those artists. And yes, you might have even seen her on a number of TV shows. She recently performed the title song from her new CD, “Letting Go” on the Craig Ferguson show.

We’re really happy for Julie’s success and know that she has what it takes to further her career to the top. Music Forte wanted to take this opportunity to ask her some questions and avoid some of the red tape that will surely come when pursuing managers and labels step into dot the "I"'s and cross the "T"'s…

MF: Craig Ferguson once said that your waitress career went horribly out of control and so here you are, now in the music industry. There are so many aspiring musicians who work in restaurants to help get by while they struggle to focus on music full time. At what point did you decide, that’s enough?

Julie: Funny story, I actually met Craig while i was waiting tables. He was a customer at a cafe i worked at in LA and him and his friends that would come in were the coolest guys, so we all just would laugh and well… I give my cd to everyone… more just to get their opinions… and Craig is the most amazing person to give me a shot!! I've had to wait tables on and off and actually I really do (enjoy) the social aspect of it. Of course I would rather just be writing and playing but working is good for anyone. Now i do alot more gigs and am able to skate by n that.

MF: You write your own lyrics. Many artists today don’t do that. Do you think you could sing and perform a song just as well, if the lyrics were provided by someone else AND do you have a favorite cover tune that you like to sing?

Julie: I think i could, but there's nothing like singing words that are really coming from your heart, it's genuine and you become a part of someone elses journey when they can relate with you in those experiences. Cover songs… I play alot of them but I have to say my favorite 2 are "Angel" from Montgomery and "Ring of Fire!"

MF: You have opened up for John Mayer, and several TV shows feature your music and performances. When will mainstream radio follow?

Julie: I'd looooove to get mainstream radio but honestly it's sooo hard! I do everything myself, from booking to TV to writing to recording to booking tours…publicity… Radio costs so much to do it right and until I get a label or some sort of backing it's just not really a possibility!

MF: What kinds of problems do you face at this point in your career?

Julie: I think it would be getting to the next level and just always working to be better stronger and stay focused.

MF: Are there any contrasts between your current professional goals and personal goals?

Julie: I think there always are and will be, but that's the challenge. I want a family someday but touring makes that reality very hard. I figure when it comes I'll tackle it head on!

MF: What advice do you have for independent artists who are working hard to turn their passion into a career?

Julie: Keep playing keep playing and don't listen to the negativity!!! Enjoy what you do, love your art and embrace your fans, answer every email and remember most importantly to be GRATEFUL! You are your best asset and your worst enemy, enjoy the ride and you'll be taken where you're supposed to be if you work hard and stay genuine.

MF: How has your musical success impacted your family and friends?

Julie: I have the most amazing family… They are at every show they can be at. And I have the most amazing friends. They understand too when a week later I call and say I'm so sorry it took me a week to get back, they know how much i love them!! Family comes first always, before anything else though.

You can learn more about Julie Gribble at her official website, Julie Gribble