I thought Janet Jackson had more clothes on during the famed Super Bowl half-time show, in which Justin Timberlake had ripped off her top to reveal an almost bare breast that was slightly masked behind a nipple ring.

Now to be technical, isn't this a pretty direct view of Lady Gaga's Labia majora? And you may have to magnify the picture a bit to see it (perhaps a reason it got by on TV). But on a high def 52" TV, it's unlikely that you would need to anything but to hit pause. 

Now, I don't bring this up as a giddy little boy, who doesn't have access to Cinemax.  I'm just curious as to what networks may censor, and what they will not.

In the defense of art, Lady Gaga has made herself known as an artist.  Whereas with Janet Jackson, and JT singing "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song", and then making that happen is self-incriminating evidence to the purpose of the song and dance.  Lady Gaga did not sing, "I'm going to show you my Labia majora during this song".  Her outfit, music, and backup crew were part of a wider production, known as art.

Maybe the networks realize that, too.  Then again, maybe they just did not have time to get their close-up analysts censor the entire live performance.