Lemmy Kilmister, lead singer, bassist and all-around driving force behind speed metal juggernaut Motorhead, is making headlines this week as the latest musician to urge fans not to buy an overpriced box set of his band's material.

"Motörhead, the hardest working, hardest touring band in the world, loves when fans buy their records, but not this time," a posting on the band's website reads.

The box set in question, "The Complete Early Years", features 15 CD's comprising eight albums and seven CD singles plus  pins, posters and a photo book house in a light-up skull reminiscent of Motörhead's iconic album artwork. The reason for the band's reticence? The set costs around $600 and contains absolutely no previously unavailable material.

"Motörhead have no control over what's done with these early songs, and don't want fans to think that the band is involved in putting out such a costly box set," the statement continues.

"Unfortunately greed once again rears its yapping head," said Lemmy. "I would advise against it even for the most rabid completists!"

Last year, British singer-songwriter Elvis Costello had similar words for an extravagantly-packaged, overpriced box set of live recordings titled "The Return of the Spectacular Spinning Songbook." That box set was initially priced at over $200.

"Unfortunately," Costello said. "We find ourselves unable to recommend this lovely item to you as the price appears to be either a misprint or a satire."

Fear not, Motörhead fanatics. Lemmy has a suggestion for anyone wanting to send some of their cash in the band's direction.

"Motörhead do have a great new record and DVD out," the posting concludes. "The band hopes fans will choose these new releases over this outrageously expensive box set."