For the first time in three decades, Afghanistan saw the return of live music being played in their country. Under the strict rule of the Taliban, music was prohibited to be played anywhere in the country. This was the first concert performed in the country in over thirty years. Bands from Australia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Iran played a six hour show that featured Indie, death metal, blues and electronica music to the throngs of people that showed. For many of them, this was their first ever musical performance.

While other Afghan customs were upheld, such as; kebab snacks, no alcohol being served, and supporting the strong religious values even through the rock and roll. Bands led prayer to the masses twice after being prompted by the mosques nearby. Guards of the show were overwhelmed by the excited people and taken aback from it as it was not something they were expecting to see. While nobody got unruly during the concert, one young man wearing jeans and a t-shirt, very unheard of in Muslim Afghanistan, got on stage and started doing back flips. The crowd was awed and startled at the same time.

To help prevent a violent insurgent attacks, the date and place of the concert was a closely guarded secret until only days before it was to take place. People knew for sure that the concert was going to be held in Babur Garden when stages were being set up in this, usually, very tranquil and quiet park. Even with all the secrecy, there were 450 paid concert goers that attended the show and more trickled in from local street markets once they heard the music.

The crowd was so enthusiastic about hearing live music that Uzbekistan singer of Tears of the Sun, Sabrina Ablyaskina, says that she saw even the security guards and police in the area tapping their feet, nodding their heads and moving their arms around like they wanted to participate in the festivities. Tears of the Sun is now putting out their sixth album and they say they are surprised at the overall size of the concert. They never thought that this many people would show up and be as enthusiastic about the show as they were. Overall, this event has made history for Afghanistan. Not only was it a huge success but it proves that terror is no longer the reigning force for these people.