Nicki Minaj was pulled out of a performance at this year's Hot 97 Summer Jam in New York at the last minute this weekend due to a DJ's description of her new single, Starships, as "wack" and "not real hip-hop." Lil' Wayne, head of Minaj's record label, reportedly refused to let her perform, letting promoters know via a message  posted on Twitter.

Minaj called Hot 97 on Monday to explain.

"I don't go against the president of my label. Before I had New York radio, I had Wayne," she said. "I will never go against Wayne. I can't believe after all these years, he's still teaching me. After a man goes onstage and disrespects me and tries to rile people up, I still was going on that stage, and shame on me. Lil Wayne gave me a valuable lesson in self-worth. He tweeted before he called me, and when I spoke to him he said, 'Nick, we ain't doing that show.'"

"It's not about [The DJ's] opinion, because I have opinions about DJs on Hot 97 and I have opinions on Hot 97," Minaj continued. "But when it's about us uniting people [for] your show, I wouldn't dare come on your stage and say something negative about Hot 97, leading up to that concert."

For their part, the DJ's at Hot 97 believe the incident had little to do with the perceived slight against Minaj.

"Many years ago me and Wayne had our differences here at Hot 97," said Ebro Darden.

Darden then pointed to the liner notes of Lil Wayne's Tha Carter I, which contained negative comments about the station, as evidence of a longstanding grudge.

"I love Nicki, I've been riding with her since she put out the wrong singles like Massive Attack. We support her," he said.