Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator has reportedly agreed to pay $8000 in damages for his part in December's near riot outside Hollywood nightclub The Roxy. According to TMZ, Tyler will be able to avoid all criminal charges stemming from the December 22nd incident if he pays the club for a mixing board destroyed during his on-stage meltdown.

Tyler was arrested outside the club after storming out in anger mid-performance. Fans followed him outside, where a widely circulated video showed Sunset Strip traffic at a standstill and widespread chanting of "Free Tyler."

According to TMZ, "Tyler is also scheduled to have a meeting with a hearing officer for the District Attorney, who will recommend the rapper also pay for the investigation costs incurred by the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department."

In other Odd Future news, OFWGKTA-affiliated crooner Frank Ocean is hitting the road with Coldplay. Confirmed to be the opening act on a slew of European dates, Ocean is not as unlikely a candidate for Coldplay as you might first think. The "Novocaine" singer heavily sampled the group's "Strawberry Swing" on his 2011 album "Nostalgia Ultra."

All that Coldplay love aside, Ocean is not going to be touring with The Eagles anytime soon. The classic rock group's management released a statement this week after reports surfaced that Warner Music Group had threatened to sue Ocean if he performed "American Wedding" in concert again. The track in question heavily samples The Eagles' "Hotel California."

"Frank Ocean did not merely 'sample' a portion of the Eagles' Hotel California; he took the whole master track, plus the song's existing melody, and replaced the lyrics with his own," the statement reads. "This is not creative, let alone 'intimidating.' It’s illegal. For the record, Don Henley has not threatened or instituted any legal action against Frank Ocean, although the Eagles are now considering whether they should."

True to Odd Future form, Ocean released a statement of his own.

"He (They) threatened to sue if I perform it again. I think that's fuckin' awesome," the Tumblr post reads. "I guess if I play it at Coachella it'll cost me a couple hundred racks. If I don't show up to court, it'll be a judgement against me & will probably show up on my credit report. Oh well. I try to buy my shit cash anyway."

Frank Ocean w/ Coldplay Dates:

Aug. 28 – Copenhagen, Denmark (Parken Stadium)
Aug. 30 – Stockholm, Sweden (Olympic Stadium)
Sept. 2 – Paris, France (Stade de France)
Sept. 4 – Cologne, Germany (Rhein Energie Stadium)
Sept. 6 – The Hague, Netherlands (Malieveld)
Sept. 12 – Munich, Germany (Olympiastadion)
Sept. 14 – Leipzig, Germany (Red Bull Stadium)
Sept. 16 – Prague, Czech Republic (Slavia Eden Stadium)
Sept. 19 – Warsaw, Poland (National Stadium)
Sept. 22 – Hannover, Germany (AWD Arena)