Hi. Welcome to my website!  Honestly, I do not try to share this website with anyone, but I don’t try and hide it either. It’s more a less a place that I use to vent personal grievances or just sort out my thoughts on subjects that interest me – like any other blog.

I started the website on an outdated notion (spurring from the dot com boom) that we had to protect our names. I watched people snatch up hundreds of the best domain names, and yet I didn’t capitalize on it. Maybe if I’m lucky, some other Greg Percifield in the world will become rich and famous and they can then buy my domain for a hefty price.

If you’d like to know a bit more about me, here is an extended bio.


Chimpanzee Sex Leads Da’ Zoo to Sony Success

And you thought you had heard it all.  This is a perfect example of video/media influence, and it doesn't come from MTV, VH1, or any major network.  Once again, a bit of YouTube monkey business has garnished enough attention to draw in serious...

American Idol Controversies

Once again, American Idol has begun preparations for the next season.  Do these people every get any rest?  Each year there seems to be something to talk about besides the music.  Let's rewind and see why the show has sparked the interests of...

Top 10 Mistakes Indie Artists Make

Top 10 Mistakes Indie Artists Make

Having worked at Music Forte for several years, I have gathered a strong awareness of how artists promote themselves.  Lets face it, starting off in obscurity is a difficult point to launch a career from.  Yet almost everyone who was not born into royalty or fame has...