Rage Against The Machine have joined the growing ranks of musicians who are fed up with Rush Limbaugh. Tom Morello, guitarist for RATM told Rolling Stone that he's furious that Limbaugh would use their music for his increasingly controversial program.

"Rush Limbaugh played "Sleep Now in the Fire" as a bumper on his show today," Morello said. "Our response: 'Hey Jackass, stop using our music on your racist, misogynist, right wing clown show."

Peter Gabriel, Rush and The Fabulous Thunderbirds have also made public statements condemning Rush Limbaugh this week. The recent anger has largely been fueled by Limbaugh's recent comments about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. The talk-show host called her a "slut" and a "prostitute" for defending women's reproductive rights. The comments have resulted in an international uproar and Fluke reportedly received a call from President Barack Obama praising her.

While the condemnations from music artists are certainly bad publicity for Limbaugh, the actions have been noted as basically meaningless. The FCC, which has jurisdiction over terrestrial radio, has no authority to stop any radio station from playing any music they please, provided that performance royalties are paid. Radio networks are given a blanket license, Attorney Larry Iser told Rolling Stone.

"The Constitution is the Constitution, and thank goodness for it," said Iser. "They do have a legal right to stand up and make as much noise as possible about how appalled they are."