Soul Asylum, the band best known for the 90s karaoke staple "Runaway Train", are preparing to release their first album in six years. Dubbed "Delayed Reaction", the record reunites front-man (and onetime Winona Ryder arm candy) Dave Pirner with the 2006 iteration of the band, which includes former Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson. Stinson joined the group after the 2006 death of Soul Asylum's original bassist Karl Mueller.

Though once one of Minneapolis' most acclaimed underground bands, the group left the legendary Twin/Tone Records for Columbia just prior to the release of their breakthrough album "Grave Dancers Union." That album sold over 3 million copies and spent 76 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

The group came to national prominence with the single"Runaway Train" and its wildly popular video, which featured actual images of missing children. Dave Pirner appears at the end to say, "If you've seen one of these kids or you are one of them, please call this number." Various versions of the video led to "a couple dozen" reunions.

The group won a Grammy Award for "Runaway Train" but were unable to craft a followup with the same mainstream traction. They are now signed to the independent label 429 Records.

In trying to find a relevant quote from leader Dave Pirner about the album, it quickly became clear that the man is just as spaced-out as he was in 1992, which is somehow heartwarming. Here's the best we could do:

"It feels like approaching it as an album and a thing that has a sequence, and a thing that is a piece of work in itself is almost an archaic process," he said. "Honestly, it's more organic. Even though you're using some of this newer technology, the fact that you're doing it yourself is what made it take so long and the process unique this time."

"Delayed Reaction" is due out in June.

"Delayed Reaction" Track-listing:

"Into The Light"
"The Streets"
"By The Way"
"Pipe Dream"
"Let's All Kill Each Other"
"Cruel Intentions"
"The Juice"
"Take Manhattan"
"I Should've Stayed In Bed