Country-pop duo Sugarland are now at the center of a massive lawsuit brought on by victims of the now-infamous Indiana state fair stage collapse that occurred August 13th. The group were the headline attraction that Saturday, but after a performance by Sara Bareilles, wind gusts of between 60 and 70 miles per hour forced them to abruptly cancel the show.

The tragedy that unfolded immediately after is being blamed on Sugarland by no fewer than 20 attorneys, who allege that Sugarland is at fault for providing faulty staging and lighting rigs. 7 people were killed and more than 40 were injured in the accident, which was caught on video by several people. At the time of the accident, Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles took to her blog to express her grief about the events of that day.

"There are no words to process a moment of this magnitude and gravity. There are only prayers for peace in the hearts of the bereft, and prayers of thanksgiving for those who were spared or safe,” the statement read.

One of the Attorneys in the case has released a statement condemning the group. “Unfortunately, this tragedy could have been prevented if the responsible parties had been concerned about the concertgoers that night,” said Mario Massillamany.

Attorney Scott Starr agreed, saying “This is a devastating tragedy that has impacted hundreds of people. It is critical to help the victims pay the medical bills and other financial expenses that they have incurred from this incident.”

The suit, filed by 48 victims of the stage collapse, seeks unspecified damages from Sugarland in addition to LiveNation, the company responsible for ticket sales and promotion of the event.

Lisa Hite, who attended the concert with her granddaughter Kyla-Reed Brumett, said “The injuries I sustained have left me unable to provide for my family.The financial and emotional strain this has caused has left a lasting impact on my family.”

The lawsuit does not name the state of Indiana or the fair itself as defendants in the case, though they have been named separately in other legal actions stemming from the event. A State Fair Remembrance Fund was formed in the days after the tragedy. The fund has so far paid $564,000 to 28 people who were affected by the collapse.

Neither LiveNation nor Sugarland had any comment on the newest round of lawsuits.