In the wake of "The Hunger Games Soundtrack" and its semi-unlikely chart domination, we here at Music Forte thought it'd be nice to run down the list of our favorite movie soundtracks. While everyone seemed to love "Dirty Dancing" and "The Bodyguard", we're aiming for something a little different. Be sure to tell us how wrong we are in the comments section below!

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5. Trainspotting – Various Artists

While the subject matter isn't exactly family-friendly, this cult favorite has a ridiculously impressive soundtrack. For all intents and purposes, it's a perfect introduction to 90s Brit-pop, with a little Lou Reed and Iggy thrown in for good measure.

Best Tracks: "Lust for Life" takes you back to a time before the song was suitable for selling seats on Disney cruises, "Sing" is the finest Blur song that nobody in America has ever, ever heard.

4. The Harder They Come – Various Artists

While Bob Marley is usually credited with introducing Reggae to the American masses, purists always point to this soundtrack. Featuring five cuts from Jimmy Cliff and tracks from everyone from Toots and the Maytals to Desmond Dekker, this record served as an excellent primer for anyone who wanted to dig a little deeper than "I Shot the Sheriff."

Best Tracks: "Rivers of Babylon" is positively haunting, "007 (Shantytown)" is positively menacing.

3. Singles – Various Artists

The movie that launched a million flannels, the soundtrack featured cuts from Pearl Jam, Mudhoney and Soundgarden. It had the good fortune to be released at the exact moment that these bands began to have a cultural import. It doesn't hurt that it was curated by director Cameron Crowe.

Best Tracks: "Dyslexic Heart" and "Waiting For Somebody" remain the best solo songs that former Replacements leader Paul Westerberg ever released.

2. 8 Mile – Various Artists

Widely expected to be another "Cool As Ice", the fact that 8 Mile is such an affecting movie owes a lot to its stellar Oscar-winning soundtrack. It also serves as an introduction to future superstar 50 Cent.

Best Tracks: Obviously "Lose Yourself" deserves the nod, if only for being the only Oscar-winning song to mention vomit, but "Wanksta" is still the only decent song to come out of 50 Cent.

1. Pump Up The Volume – Various Artists

The greatest soundtrack ever released. The movie is so infused with music that the soundtrack could've been filled with forgettable early 90s drivel, but somehow quality won out. A timeless classic. The only flaw are the songs that were featured in the movie that aren't included, though this is rectified by "unofficial" soundtracks that add in such gems as "Love Comes in Spurts", "Hi Dad, I'm in Jail" and the original version of "Everybody Knows".

Best Tracks: The entire thing, really. "Why Can't I Fall in Love?", "Heretic", "Everybody Knows", "(I've Got) A Miniature Secret Camera", "Wave of Mutilation." The songs that didn't make the official soundtrack album are just as essential.