According to a report in The Toronto Star, one person has died and least two were seriously injured when a stage collapsed hours before a scheduled Radiohead concert in Toronto.

Alexandra Mihan, a beer vendor at the scheduled event, which was part of the massive North by Northeast Festival, told CBC News what she witnessed.

"Then everyone started screaming and gasping," she told CBC News. "We turned around, and the entire top of the stage has just collapsed. All of the metalwork and all of the screens had just kind of folded over on top of each other."

The concert has been cancelled, and a message on Radiohead's Twitter account urged concertgoers not to attempt to make their way to the park.

While authorities have yet to find a reason for the stage collapse, this incident is the fourth of its kind in North America in the last few years.

In 2009, an attendee of Alberta's Big Valley Jamboree was killed after a storm caused a stage collapse.

Last July, a stage at the Ottawa Bluesfest gave way just a few seconds after American rock group Cheap Trick left the stage. No one was killed, but several people sustained severe injuries.

Last August, The Indiana State Fair was the site of another horrific accident. Noted country music act Sugarland were moments away from performing when a sudden gust of wind caused the stage to collapse, killing five people and injuring dozens more.

Alexandra Halbert, another worker in the beer tent, told reporters that weather could not have been a factor.

“It was breezy but nothing substantial,” Halbert said. “It’s a beautiful dry sunny day and it’s literally just a light breeze. Nothing to cause the stage to collapse in my opinion.”