The unlikely hit makers in adult-alternative band Train are at it again. After 3 years of relentless promotion following the release of their last album, 2009's "Save Me, San Francisco", the group are preparing to release a new album. The record, as yet untitled, is due out this spring.

"It's a different kind of making the record than we've ever done before, because we've been touring this "Save Me, San Francisco" record for so long," lead singer Pat Monahan  told Billboard Magazine. "I feel like I'm more motivated now than I've ever been."

The unreleased record is already making waves, however. The lead-off single "Drive By" is already climbing the charts, thanks to heavy airplay on radio stations worldwide. The new song was performed almost nightly during the group's recent tour.

"It's kind of strange how Triple A and hot AC and pop radio are all embracing "Drive By" with this incredible enthusiasm. We're not used to that kind of thing," Monahan said. "Usually Train is a very slow build. 'Hey Soul Sister' and 'Drops of Jupiter,' 'Calling All Angels,' everything took a long time to manifest into hit songs."

That "slow build" has given the band a new lease on life. After disappointing sales of their 2006 album "For me, It's You", the group took a 3 year hiatus from recording and touring. Music critics, not overly enthusiastic about the group's music in the first place, declared Train to be over and done with. The surprise success of "Hey, Soul Sister" in 2009 has seen the group return to commercial viability in a way that few other 90's bands have been. Monahan has declared that the group are more grateful and focused than they've ever been.

"Every time we had a little break, I would visit my family and go to New York and write or San Francisco or L.A., it didn't matter, I just wanted to keep writing," Monahan said. "I think 'Drive By' was written in the course of touring Australia. I didn't spend 3 months or 5 months writing, I just wrote throughout the course of the last 3 years."